Certified Accreditation Surveyor (CAS)

  Certified Accreditation Surveyor


The Certified Accreditation Surveyor Training Program is an International Program Accredited by ISQua (IEEA). This training program is designed to provide the required knowledge and skills for the trainees in order to prepare them to be internal/external assessors/auditors in the healthcare field. Trainees are considered certified accreditation assessors/auditors from both France accreditation and Gates after successful completion of an examination at the end of the training program and after evaluation in the field through onsite and real-life audit visit.

By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Master surveying accreditation skills
  • Provide participants with the tools needed for internal and external surveying based on Lebanese accreditation standards and methodology


This workshop is designed to be suitable for healthcare providers and other professionals in healthcare sector with the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in the domain of expertise
  • Professionals with 3 years of experience in the healthcare
  • Internal/external audit certificate is an asset
  • Basic computer and Microsoft office knowledge


AED 5,475 (10% discount available for DHA members - please Contact Us for further information)


For further information, please send your inquiry to ritchel.leonora@tri-c-academy.com.

Tri-C Academy RCM Course Certification

  Certified Accreditation Surveyor


  • 24 May – 14 June 2021
  • Weekly: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Timings: 18:00 – 21:00 hours (GMT+3)


Day 1: May 24
• Healthcare policies, Players & Roles
• Accreditation as a Quality Assurance Tool: Evolution & System Components
• Accreditation Process as per ISQua

Day 2: May 25
• Composition of Accreditation Standards & Common Components
• Comparative Sheet for JCI, ACI & LNA Standards

Day 3: May 26
• Understanding Quality Management Systems: A Holistic View of the Object
• LNA Evolution & System Components
• LNA Manual: Chapters, Standards & Measurable Elements
• LNA Survey Methodology from Contracting to Final Accreditation Decision

Day 4: May 31
• Infection Control & Prevention
• Surveying Process: Key Concepts/Terms and Definitions
• Principles of Surveying

Day 5: June 1
• Methods for Data Collection: Interview, Observation, Document Review and Checking Records
• Sampling Technique, Weight and Level of Investigation

Day 6: June 2
• Tracer Methodology & Template Preparation

Day 7: June 3
• Pre-survey Activities
• Conducting Onsite Activities
• Scoring the Survey Results and Writing Report

Day 8: June 4
• Post-visit Activities
• Surveyor Competency Evaluation

Day 9: June 9
• Conducting Survey Visit by Senior Surveyor

Day 10: June 14
• Conducting Survey Visit by Senior Surveyor: Tracer Visit

Two Weeks After CAS Program Completion
• Conducting Survey Visit by Participants with Observation Senior Surveyor

Dr. Adel Olleik - MPH, DBA
Gates Group
Dr Adel Olleik

Dr. Olleik has a wide experience in management consultancy, auditing, training and university lecturing. He has lead organizational development interventions in more than 300 organizations across 9 countries, since 2000. In parallel, he mentored 350 master's students and 3000 trainees on organizational development, strategic planning, leadership, governance, financial analysis, and quality improvement.   Dr. Olleik's latest achievement was the innovation of an Organizational Development methodology called 5Ds loop.
Dr. Olleik is the Chairman of Gates Group for management solutions, and a board member at the National Social Security Fund of Lebanon as a government representative.
Dr. Olleik has received a BS degree in environmental health and a Master’s degree in Public Health from AUB. Moreover, he has earned his Doctorate degree in Business Administration from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University.