Healthcare Leadership course for Optimising the Patient's Medical Travel Journey


In today's evolving landscape, healthcare consumers are more discerning and demanding than ever – especially when seeking care outside of their country or region of residence. Medical travelers face challenges accessing accurate information, language and cultural barriers, travel logistics and now safety considerations related to the pandemic. Healthcare providers that understand the needs and expectations of medical travel patients – and can build consumer confidence and trust in their services, will be in a prime position to increase medical travel patient flow as travel restrictions lift and the world moves to a new normal.

This course aims to raise awareness of the challenges traveling patients face when seeking treatments outside of their region or country and look at best practices healthcare providers can implement to facilitate an outstanding patient experience across the entire medical travel care continuum, while boosting their international patient footfall.

The course also aims to provide insight on the correlation between a positive patient experience and improved clinical and financial outcomes.


This course is targeted at:

  • C suites including: CEOs, COOs, CTOs, CMOs, Chief Experience Officers,
  • Hospital Operations & Administration
  • Marketing/Customer Satisfaction Team
  • International Patient Management Team
  • Quality & Patient Safety Team


A Certificate of Participation will be provided by:


AED 4,200.00 (Group discounts available - please Contact Us for further details)


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After completing this course, you will gain an understanding of:

  • The different types of medical travelers
  • The importance of the patient experience in medical travel and its benefits to patients and providers
  • The medical travel care continuum: its various stages and stakeholders, key decision-making factors for patients and challenges to overcome
  • Region dynamics and challenges
  • How to optimize the patient journey
  • The role and functions of a medical travel program
  • Best practices to optimize the patient journey

Course Structure

  1. Medical Travelers - Who are they?
    • Types of Medical Travelers and their Characteristics
    • Meet John Smith
    • Survey
  2. The importance of the Patient Experience in Medical Travel
    • Why is the patient experience important?
    • Defining the patient exerience in medical travel
    • Benefits of delivering a high-quality patient experience (Clinical and financial)
  3. Understanding the Patient Journey
    • Stages of the Medical Travel Care Continuum and key stakeholders
    • Key decision-making factors
    • Quiz
    • Key challenges- patient and provider perspective
    • Trends, dynamics and challenges of the pandemic in the patient journey
  4. Optimizing the Patient Journey
    • The importance of a Medical Travel program
    • Optimizing the Patient Journey-Medical Travel Best Practices

Karen Timmons
CEO - Global Healthcare Accreditation

Former President and CEO of Joint Commission International (JCI) & Global Healthcare Business Manager & Patient Safety Officer. DNV GL Healthcare Former Chair of the WHO’s Collaborating Center for Patient Safety Solutions and Chair of ISQua’s Accreditation Council.

Bill Cook
BD Director – Global Healthcare Accreditation

Former Co-founder and Vice President of Medical Tours, Costa Rica and Co-authored ‘The Medical Travel Facilitator’ book. Consultant for Governments on the Development of Medical Travel Programs.

Sandeep Sharma
Executive Director – Vmarsh Healthcare

Executive Director at Vmarsh Healthcare leading the global practice. Multiple Advisory Consulting, Operational, Clinical & Marketing Strategy Roles, as well as Sales & Business Development leadership roles & projects managed across geographies. Biotechnologist & MBA from Singapore & Sydney, Australia with experience across Healthcare, Biopharmaceuticals & Life-sciences industries. Successfully serving clients EU, MEA, SAARC & APAC focused on Strategy, Performance Improvement & Implementation Leadership. With special emphasis on Health and Wellness Travel, Patient Experience and Patient Journey Optimization.